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Adams, Thomas - 1583-1652

Thomas Adams (1583-1652)    

A Calvinist lived name of Adams
            • He preached against all of the bad'uns.
            • With puns and with quips
            • That fell from his lips
            • He fed both the sheep and the lambs.
see wiki: Thomas Adams (1583–1653 [1]) was an English clergyman and reputed preacher. He was called "The Shakespeare of the Puritans" by Robert Southey; while he was a Calvinist in theology, he is not, however, accurately described as a Puritan. [2] He was for a time at Willington, Bedfordshire, and his works may later have been read by John Bunyan[3] 

Read Dr. Joel Beeke's Biographical Sketch; and A memoir of Thomas Adams is here.

Adams, T. (1862). The Works of Thomas Adams. Edinburgh: James Nichol. The Works of Thomas Adams. 1862. Reprint, Eureka, Calif.: Tanski, 1998.

Thomas Adams' Quotes

A Selection of Sermons

The Three Divine Sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity

The Three Divine Sisters, Faith, Hope and Charity.