The Fall: Man was the principal cause...

posted 8 Dec 2013, 15:24 by Stephen Chaffer   [ updated 8 Dec 2013, 15:26 ]
William Ames distinguished between principal and adjuvant (i.e. assisting) causes. Man was the principal cause, for, in the exercise of his free will, he ate from the forbidden tree. The adjuvant causes were the devil and Adam’s wife, Eve. The devil was not, however, the compelling cause or the direct cause in procuring Adam’s sin. He counseled and persuaded, but did not force Adam and Eve to sin. In connection with the devil’s temptation, “there was joined the tempting of God, whereby he did so order that business … but this tempting of God was neither Evil, nor tending to Evil.”

Ames, The Marrow of Divinity, 51–52.