Shalom, Shalom, Peace, Peace to All My Visitors ...


Greetings in the Worthy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is, an ointment poured forth, to those who believe. Most Precious!

Grace, Peace and love unto you as you seek the truths in Jesus the Messiah, King Jesus sent forth from God to a Christ rejecting world. Yes! it is the Father's good pleasure to seek poor lost sinners, like unto Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, who covered their lost state with mere fig-leaves, when found by God, He did not leave them long without clothing them with the skin of a lamb. This represented what God the Father intended to do from the beginning, to send forth His dear and only begotten Son, as the Lamb of God, represented in His death on Calvary's Cross, shedding His precious blood, giving His life as a ransom unto all who take refuge there. Now, being clothed in His righteousness we have fellowship with the Father through the work of the Holy Spirit's application of the Precious blood of the Lamb of God.

Stephen (Crown of Glory) Evangelist
We hear of being "Born Again," that means being "Born from Above," without God doing the impossible for us, we can NEVER enter that eternal rest. So, Salvation, can and does come to the poor sinners, even today by the blood of the Lamb. For without the shedding of blood there is no remission or forgiveness of sin. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be Saved, this is where the Kingdom of God can be seen, and you shall surely know that the Kingdom of Heaven (which means the same as the Kingdom of God) has come to abide in your heart forever (sealed by the Holy Spirit by the Blood of the Cross). Amen, Amen!!


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