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Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher
            • Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher was a German Reformed clergyman. Wikipedia.
            • Died: December 10, 1868.
Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher (born in Duisburg, Prussia, in 1796; died in Potsdam, Prussia, 10 December 1868) was a German Reformed clergyman.

His father, Friedrich Adolf Krummacher, was a noted German theologian and writer. The son studied theology at Halle and Jena, and became pastor successively atFrankfurt am Main (1819), Ruhrort (1823), Gemarke, near Barmen in the Wupperthal (1825), and Elberfeld (1834). He came to New York in 1843, declined a theological professorship in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, and afterward returned to Germany, settling in Berlin, Prussia, in 1847, the Evangelical State Church in Prussia appointed him to the Trinity Church in Berlin, and in 1853 he became court chaplain at Potsdam. He was an influential promoter of the Evangelical Alliance. Although a minister of the Reformed Church, he was a zealous advocate of the older Lutheranism, and gave great offence by his denunciation of rationalists. He was a regular participant of theEvangelical Church Conferences.