Directions for Placing Books into your Logos Library

As part of the work in OldPaths, I have converted copies of the public domain Books into docx files for all who serve the Lord, feeding the flock of God, so that you can place these books into their personal libraries on Logοs. Some of the perks that we have inserted into these resources are: a working table of contents that will show up in your Logos book. There are more tags that you could add if you would desire. If you get into that sort of thing, please refer to if you are interested in learning more about tagging.

For those who have never built a personal book in Logos before, here are some simple steps.

1) Open your Logos program.

2) After it loads, click on the “Tools” tab on the top of the program. This should be the 6th tab over from the top left corner of the screen.

3) A dropdown menu will appear under tools. Under the first menu on the left called “Library,” the second to last option is called “Personal Books.” Click on this to open the personal books window.

4) On the top left of the personal books window is an option called “Add book.” Click on that button to open a new book to add to your library. It is best to select all the works of the Author and install all their books.

5) Give your book a title, such as “John Trapps Commentary of the Whole Bible” or whatever you would like to name your book. Fill out the Author information if you want to do that as well. (I have not figured out what difference the “Type:” option makes, but for our purposes you can list this as a Bible Commentary.) If you’d like to do so, you can also add the field “Abbreviated Title” and give it a shortened name, such as “JT-Bible.”

6) If you’d like to add a picture to your commentaries, then you could use the writers name of your own.

7) Next, click on the button called “Add file…” and an “open” window will pop up. Go to the docx files wherever you have saved them onto your computer. Click open that file to add it to the list of files that will be included in this particular book. Finally, click the “Build book” button at the bottom of the window. The book builder will build a book for your Logos. When it finishes, the new book will open on the other half of your screen. If it doesn’t, open it from your library. Make sure the table of contents works properly, and that no tags (they look like this [[@Bible:Genesis 1:2]] ) show up in your text. Try opening your NIV bible resource and linking them together to make sure they sync properly.

8) If everything works right, click the “Finished” button under that resource on your Personal books tab. Logos will automatically index this resource with the rest of your library so that you can search the resource.

If these directions are confusing, please reference “Overview of Basic Personal Books” and over videos at Logos’ support website: