Wonderful Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father

“'Wonderful Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father,' where everlastingness, which is affixed to one, is yet common to those other two. The 'everlasting Counsellor,' as well as 'everlasting Father,' for He was both Counsellor and Father, in that He was the Mighty God, and all alike from everlasting. For, being God, and with His Father as a Son from everlasting, He must needs be a Counsellor with Him, and so privy unto all God meant to do, especially in that very business, for the performance of which He is there saint to be given as a Son, and born as a Child, and the effecting of which is also said to be laid wholly on His shoulder. Certainly in this case, if God could hide nothing from Abraham He was to do, much less God from Christ, who was God with Him from everlasting. And as He was for this cause to be privy to it for the cognisance of the matter, so to have given His actual consent likewise thereunto; for He was to be the Father and Founder of all that was to be done in it. And in that very respect and in relation to that act of will, then passed, whereby He became a 'Father' of that business for us, it is He is styled the 'everlasting Father.' For it is in respect of that everlastingness He is God, and so 'Father' from everlasting, as well as God from everlasting; a 'Counsellor' for us with God, a 'Father' of us in our salvation. God's 'Counsellor,' because His wisdom was jointly in that plot and the contrivement of it: and 'Father' both of us and this design, because of His will in it, and undertaking to effect it. In that His heart and will were in it as well as the Father's He was therefore the 'Father' of it as well as God, and brought it to perfection” 

(Adopted, with slight variations, from T. Goodwin, 1600-1680).