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Of reducing all the Moral Laws to the Decalogue

posted 4 Dec 2013, 18:17 by Stephen Chaffer
Of reducing all the Moral Laws to the Decalogue

- by John Trapp -
  1. To the first commandment belong laws that concern faith, hope, and love to God. 
    1. First, Faith: as, that there is but one God, and three Persons, Jehovah Elohim; that he will send them a Prophet greater than Moses; (Deuteronomy 18:15) that he is to be honoured with our confidence, patience, and inward worship, 
    2. Next, Hope: of favour, grace, and glory. 
    3. Thirdly, Love to God with the whole heart; filial fear, humble prayer, holy vows, constant care to avoid idolising the creature, seeking to the devil, tempting of God, listening to seducers, &c. 
  2. To the second commandment belong laws made against gross idolatry, will worship, &c., and for right worship.
  3. To the third pertain laws for prayer, thanksgiving, oaths, lots, blasphemies, worthy walking, &c.
  4. To the fourth, all laws of sanctifying the Sabbath.
  5. To the fifth, of honouring and reverencing parents, princes, elders, &c., and of punishing rebellious children.
  6. To the sixth may be reduced all laws concerning murder, revenge, rancour, smiting, fighting, cursing the deaf, laying a block before the blind, &c.
  7. To the seventh, all that is said against fornication, adultery, sodomy, incest, wearing the apparel of the other sex.
  8. To the eighth, laws against robbery, rapine, usury, sacrilege, detaining wages or pledges, removing landmarks, accepting of persons, taking of gifts, false weights, &c.
  9. To the ninth belong laws against backbiting, tale bearing, false witnessing, judging, not admonishing, &c.
  10. To the tenth no laws are referred: because it is wholly spiritual, and hath no visible violations.